Emerging from the roots of punk and electronic music, Hunting Lodge created their own brand of noise. Dark, intense, somewhat melodic at times, overlaid with harsh vocals. Hunting Lodge was formed in the early 80's by Lon C. Diehl and Richard Skott, aka Skott Rusch, both from Michigan. The band reached critical success and was on the verge of moving to the next level, in terms of the music business, but decided to quietly fade away.

     Their first live appearance took place in September 1982 at the Harrington Ballroom inside the Harrington Hotel, Port Huron, Michigan. The event was recorded on a portable cassette player and would become their first release.  The band followed with a number of brilliant releases on vinyl and cassette that some consider the best of the genre. 

     The story of Hunting Lodge is also the story of America. Hailing from the great northeast territory and in close proximity the the steel city of Detroit, which has it's own music history. Hunting Lodge was on the path that many other bands and musicians face. The story of Hunting Lodge is the story of innovative artists who when faced with the reality of the music business find that it is not how they see their life unfolding. 

Hunting Lodge: The Story of Two Nomad Souls